Larry Larson’s World Record, Six-Second Chevy S-10 Pickup Truck

If what they say about the size of your truck applies to Larry Larson, then his record-setting Chevy S-10 proves he truly has a big heart. If you aren’t familiar with his amazing pickup that ran the quarter mile in 6.16 seconds, well then you’re in for a real treat. It was September 13, 2014 when Drag Race Legend, Larry Larson set out to the Tulsa Raceway Park with a goal to become the quickest car in history, again. Five-time champion, Larry Larson is no stranger when it comes to breaking records. But this time, he brought with him a beast of a machine that went 6.16 seconds at 219 mph, leaving the world in disbelief. His highly modified 1998 Chevrolet S-10 became the star of Hot Rod Drag Week 2014; capturing a lot of attention, Larry Larson is proving he’s not finished yet. His recent creation, a custom-built Chevy S-10 won the title of the World’s Quickest Street Legal Car, making Ford GT owners everywhere cry uncontrollably while feeling simultaneously jealous.


Not only is Larry Larson the owner of the ultra-quick Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck, he was the guy behind the wheel during the record quarter mile race. The run smashed the previous world record that was set by Andy Frost in the United Kingdom at 6.39 seconds, showing that Americans know how to go fast in a straight line better than anyone else. Not to mention, if Larry Larson had not pulled his chutes before his S-10 crossed the finish line, he would have made it out with an even better time. Most people have known someone with an S-10 pickup truck and haven’t considered it to be anything super special. Sure, they can be kind of fun to drive and come with the added bonus of a bed that makes them more practical than a Cavalier, but that’s about where it ends. Making such a vehicle the World’s Quickest Street Legal Car took some massaging and hard work, along with patience and unwavering perseverance. Larson and Pro Line Racing, which specializes in drag racing, turned such a mundane vehicle into something that would make your average muscle car look slow. Just from the outside the truck looks crazy, with a hood bump that is massive enough to be mistaken for a small country. There are also two big ports in the hood, flanking the bump, which feed two turbochargers that are absolutely massive. The bed is rendered relatively useless, thanks to a cover that makes the vehicle more aerodynamic, plus a pretty tame rear wing.


The real magic is what’s under the skin. It comes with a custom Larson Race Cars-built 25.2 chassis that is SFI certified. Powering the monster machine is a 620ci engine built by Pro Line that used a big-block Chevy as the basis, with 5-inch bore-spacing and Brodix heads. Stuffing as much air into the cylinders as possible are two 98 millimeter Precision Turbo Gen 2 Pro Mod turbos. They aren’t connected to intercoolers since the vehicle runs off alcohol that is fed to the engine with an Aeromotive fuel pump that is belt-driven, cooling things down considerably.
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  • Naj sumar

    I enjoy motor racing / rallying too thanks Naj

  • http://Facebook Samantha

    This is awesome. Never seen anything like it on drag strips in Alabama

  • Al

    So when is he going to show up against Daddy Dave or Big Chief on Street Outlaws?

  • Marc

    Anyone know why he would pick an S-10? I like S-10s, have very fond memories of mine, but would think there are lighter, more aerodynamic, and faster cars out there.