This Farm Truck Might Just Smoke You at the Dragstrip

Looks can be deceiving. My ex-wife and the one after her are perfect examples of this. But these lapses in judgement can be overcome. Embarrassment is getting smoked by a beater Chevy pickup that is dented, still has its mudflaps and even has an old-man shell over the bed. Oh, and don’t forget the little pooch riding shotgun while you whip your opponent down the dragstrip, because that just really tops off the insult. Sleeper cars are supposed to lull people into a false sense of superiority.


The 1970 Chevy C10 pickup known as Farmtruck does just that with its campy appearance, complete with crusty patina that makes it look like it just rolled off the farm. The crazy thing is the truck can run the quarter mile in the 12s, making some pretty impressive cars look slow and weak.


The chassis features all kinds of reinforcement so the poor truck doesn’t crack apart under all the pressure generated by the V8 engine. Speaking of power, it all goes to the big, bad Hoosier drag slicks on the rear wheels. When the driver hits it, the power is so great it causes one of the rear wheels to pick up as the other tire shreds like crazy, all in a display of pure and unadulterated insanity.
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Apparently, there used to be an Internet site for Farmtruck, but it’s defunct and nobody thought to grab specs from it before the thing went dark. Your guess about how much power surges from the Big Block V8 is about as good as anyone else’s, as long as it isn’t 260 horsepower and 200 lb.-ft. of torque. After all, it isn’t a four-cylinder Japanese car.
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  • Jason M

    I think you misread the time and trap speed.

    That was 10.2@128!!!!

    Holy Mother of………

  • Howsey

    I’d still have the Lamborghini. It’s a Lamborghini.