Is The 1969 Camaro SS The World’s Greatest Musclecar?

There is much debate when you bring up “the best of” anything. Especially when it comes to the likes of classic cars. However, for our purposes we are looking at Chevy’s 1969 Camaro SS. In late 1966, GM introduced the 1967-model Chevy Camaro. This four-seat, two-door ponycar had a long hood, a short rear deck, sleek styling, and numerous model, engine, and transmission options. The Camaro’s first year was a success—but it wouldn’t ascend to muscle car royalty until 1969 until after Chevy made a few much-needed modifications to the body making it one mean looking machine.


The 1969 Camaro SS remains one of the world’s most sought-after early performance cars. And because over 36,000 were built, SS lovers are still able to find them for sale. The less powerful SS cars can be had today for between $20,000-$60,000, while L78 models usually command higher prices. Here’s everything you need to know about that famous muscle car and one of the most highly modified ’69 Camaro SS on the planet!


Making The 1969 Camaro

There are three reasons why the 1969 Camaro became one of the most sought-after cars in history. Reason number one was because the ’69 model got a makeover that left it lower, wider, and more muscular than its predecessors. The fender’s streaked bodylines were cleaner, the front grille opening was larger, and the taillights were wider.

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Those changes resulted in a more aggressive, streamlined look that ranks as one of the best car bodies ever made. Reason number two was Camaro’s affordable SS package. Checking off the Z27 SS package box gave you a 300-horse L48 350, but optional were a 325-horse L35 396, a 350-horse L34 396, and the popular, powerful 375-horse L78 396.
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    Insanely beautiful….I love Brads SS. I had a 79 t-top Firebird with a 1970 455 in it but alas a bstd stole it. I would love to see Brad put a 455 in my current Mitsubishi GTO….get rid of this twin turbo 4 wheel drive 5hit and slot a 400 with a 10 bolt posi in behind the motor! #:)