See This Jet-Powered Ford F-150 In Action

What do you get when you combine America’s best-selling truck, with Czechoslovakia’s best-selling jet engine? Why, a 140 mph jet-powered Ford F-150 of course! Just drop the gearshift into Neutral, and a 2,700-hp jet engine will quite literally ‘rocket’ you down the road. If you want to see this jet powered F-150 in action, scroll down to watch the video. Then we’ll take a look at how this crazy-cool jet truck came to be.


When Chris Lentz was a kid back in the 1960’s, he didn’t dream of becoming President, walking on the moon, or even becoming a fireman. No, this crazy kid from Jackson, Michigan dreamed about driving around in his very own jet powered pickup truck! And as fate would have it, he met a pilot in 2007 that just so happened to import used jet engines from Europe. A light went off in the now 50-something year old electric foreman’s head, as Chis suddenly realized that his childhood dream might actually be possible.


Building The Jet Truck

After seeing one of the importer’s jet engines perform on a test stand, Lentz eagerly ponied up $10,000 to buy one. The engine he got was a late 50’s-early 60’s vintage Motolet M-701 turbojet, that would have originally been used to power a L-29 Delfin jet trainer. That little 407 mph jet plane was used to train fighter pilots in Eastern Europe, and its engine was about to power, well, something. To find a suitable chariot, Chris went on eBay and bought a slightly used 2005 Ford F-150 STX for $12,000. Then he set about putting the two together.

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The 728 lb Motolet jet engine was mounted on a custom stand in the F-150’s bed, directly over the rear axle. Ahead of that sits a 20-gallon fuel tank, and the whole shebang is controlled by a pair of airplane levers (blue one for throttle, red one for fuel), mounted in a custom diamond plate center console. Aside from the cool jet levers, the console also houses switches for the two-stage electric starter.

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    WTF? I thought they were going to show the truck under jet power, what a BS come on headline.

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    I hope he’s upgraded the brakes on that Ford truck too!!

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    That was a waste of time!

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    He bought a jet motor, put it in the back of the truck – now he’s got a truck and a motor in the bed of his truck, the end!

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    See this Jet-Powered Ford F-150 in Action, not so much. It looks like it took off under the engine power. I call BS.

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    Talk about being anti climatic ! If someone goes to THAT much trouble the LEAST that they could do is to show the truck moving down the roadway at speeds normally associated with jet engines. That means SERIOUSLY FAST folks ! They also should have had multiple cameras set up to catch the action from different angles.

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    All for show. At any respectable high speed, the aerodynamics of the cab would starve the engine of intake air, and maybe even catastrophically, by inhaling the rear cab window…

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    The guy had an interest in this, he built it, it works, he’s pleased, Good job!

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